Croatia Under the Surface – City Walks and Excursions


Croatia is a multicultural Babylon waiting to be discovered. The cultural history of this country is unique in Europe. In an unimaginably small space, different civilizations, cultures and religions came in contact with one another and merged during the century.

Already by the listing of the 20+ Croatian UNESCO World Heritage Sites it becomes clear what sort of cultural and natural richness must have taken place here in the course of the centuries.

In Croatia you will find some very special cultural higlights of very different civilizations:
– The world’s most complete remains of a Roman palace;
– The only Cathedral in the world that is build above the mausoleum of a Roman emperor;
– A Byzantine Basilica that is one of the best examples of early Byzantine architecture in the Mediterranean region;
– In today’s Croatia there is maritime republic that is known as the first European state that abolished slavery;
– The same maritime republic was also the first world’s state that recognized the independence of the United States of America;
– The oldest municipial theater in Europe is here;
– The oldest still active synagogue of Spanish Sephardic Judaism in the world as well as the second oldest synagogue in Europe;
– A Caravan serai that is the most western example of Turkish architecture in Europe, geographically even 50 miles west of Vienna, Austria.

Croatian natural attractions are also unique:
– There are over a thousand islands along the Croatian coast and they cover a total area of about 3,300 sq km or 1,300 sq miles;
– Europe’s largest bird sanctuary is in Croatia;
– One of the first UNESCO World Heritage Natural Sites with sixteen lakes interconnected by waterfalls is in Croatia;
– There are a total of 8 national parks, 2 strict reserves and 10 nature parks in Croatia. More than 9% of the whole country territory belongs to the protected natural areas.

Each point of interest is ordered as a separate chapter. Each chapter follow geographical order, so you will not need to go back or between the places that you already have visited. In each chapter you will find properly maps with the highlights and information about what is around.

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