Jump In Mouth and other typical Roman dishes – Food & Drink in Rome (Part 2)


Even with well-known Italian dishes, there are special Roman varieties. Even though pizza is the most popular Italian dish, Pizza Romana is something completely different from Pizza Napolitana, and Pizza Bianca is such an authentic Roman dish, it’s hard to order it anywhere in Italy outside of Rome.


Fiori di Zucca is a favorite Roman antipasto.  These  are  fried  zucchini flowers  stuffed  with  mozzarella  and anchovies.


In  terms  of  typical  Roman  dishes,  primo  piatto  usually  involves  pasta, such  as,  Spaghetti  alla  Carbonara,  Cucatini  All’amatriciana,  Rigatoni  con  la Pagliata or Gnocchi alla Romana. Spaghetti are everywhere, but only the Romans make Spaghetti alla Carbonara with Pecorino Romano, a local cheese as one of the key ingredients – the main meal of the Roman legionnaires.


The second course usually involves meat and fish. Saltimbocca alla Romana is a typical Roman dish with beef, prosciutto and basil rolled and baked in butter and white wine. Saltimbocca means jump in mouth. Just as delightful are Scaloppine alla Romana, thin beef steaks with baby artichokes.

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