Gustav Klimt at the Kunsthistorisches Museum


The Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna is one of the five most important fine arts museums in the world.
But what differentiates this museum from other important museums is its artistic staging of the building itself.


Where else can you see frescoes by Gustav Klimt as a part of a museum’s interior décor?
Under the ceiling paintings of the staircase you can see lunettes painted in triads on all four sides. They depict famous painters with their models. Underneath the lunette paintings, in between the black and white patterned columns, are the famous pendentive and intercolumniation paintings by Gustav Klimt, his brother Ernst Klimt and the painter Franz von Matsch. The featured motifs from the Greek Antiquity, Egyptian and Old Italian art were carried out by Gustav Klimt.

The collections of the Kunsthistorisches Museum are the Picture Gallery, Egyptian and Near Eastern Collection, Collection of Greek and Roman Antiquities, Collection of Sculpture and Decorative Arts and Coin Cabinet.

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