Protestant Cemetery in Rome is the most densely occupied area in the world


Some say if you count famous and relevant people, this is the most densely occupied area in the world. Many British, Russian, German, American and Italian poets, writers, sculptors, painters, diplomats and scientists were buried in this cemetery, sometimes in extravagantly decorated tombs.

The so-called Protestant Cemetery is behind the Cestius Pyramid. In fact, it is called Il Cimitero Acattolico di Roma or The Non-Catholic Cemetery of Rome. All the way until the early 19th century, only Catholics could be buried in Rome, and Jews in certain parts of the city. In 1821, this cemetery was opened to bury all the non-Catholics.

Poets such as John Keats and Percy Shelley were among the first foreigners buried here. Others, for instance, Henry James, decided to bury their protagonists here, like he did with Daisy Miller. Oscar Wilde called it the most sacred place in Rome. There are a lot of cats around the cemetery, regularly fed by volunteers.

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