Statues from Roman gardens are now in the Boiler Room – Centrale Montemartini


The exhibition space of the Centrale Montemartini has a surreal quality due to the unexpected blend of industrial facilities with preserved machinery and antique sculptures.


During the renovations of the Capitoline Museums in the 1990’s, parts of the collection were moved to an industrial building Centrale Montemartini. It used be a power plant on the Ostia Road. The new exhibition space was such a success that the city decided it was a permanent solution.

Around 400 sculptures from the Capitoline Hill Museums are divided according to theme and origin:
– In the “Column Hall”, there are private and religious portraits from the Republican period,


– In the “Machine Hall”, there are monuments found in Rome (Circus Flaminius, Temple of Apollo, Sosianus, Capitoline Hill, Area Sacra of Largo Argentina, Theater of Pompey),
– In the “Boiler Room”, there are statues from Roman gardens, imperial residences and domus.

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