The most famous of all Roman baths – Baths of Caracalla


Baths of Caracalla were built between 211 and 216 during emperors Septimius Severus and Caracalla. The baths could fit 1,600 bathers. Apart from bathing, visitors had two public libraries at their disposal, one with Latin and the other one with Greek texts. The whole structure was raised 20 ft or 6 m above ground to fit the furnaces for heating water and pipes for floor heating.

The baths were used until 537, when Marcian’s Aqueduct, as well as all other aqueducts were destroyed by the Ostrogoths. The facilities occupied 25 acres and the building was 748 ft (228 m) long, 380 ft (116 m) wide and 124 ft (38 m) high. Today, we only have this monumental remains, with floor mosaics and partial sculptures.

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